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Hot Rod’s Sweet Pork Longanisa Poutine wins the 2018 Judge’s Choice!

At the La Poutine Week, Feb. 1-7, the blending of two iconic comfort food: French Canadian’s Poutine and the Filipino’s sweet longanisa, highlights the vibrant fusion of two cultures into a satisfying culinary experience!

Winning the 1st Poutine Week held from February 1-to 7, in Manitoba (and consequently held in the various Canadian cities), the entry of Hot Rod’s Grill, “Sweet Pork Longanisa Poutine” has won the 2018 Judge’s Choice, such a feat of the newly opened restautant, Hot Rod Grill inside the Vickar Ford dealership, at 2000 Main St. Besting more than 84 restaurants who participated in the poutine challenge, Hot Rod’s “Sweet Pork Longanisa Poutine” has now been added to the daily menu for others to savour the vibrant fusion of two iconic comfort food, namely, the mostly sought French Canadian Poutine; and the historical and cultural taste of the Filipino longanisa (sausage or chorizo), making the blending as a new culinary food experience. “Wow, this is fantastic, poutine with longanisa and adobo gravy! Something different, something to try and experience this kind of food, I love Filipino food!”, said one of our most loyal clients.

“More accolades and warm congratulations flooded our website from around the world, congratulating us for winning the poutine challenge and inspiring us to do more promotion of our Filipino food,” Ron Cantiveros of Hot Rod Grill. Lately, the Cantiveros Family Food Ltd. has been promoting and marketing the Hot Rod’s Premium Sweet Longanisa and now available in some supermarkets and stores. It is being promoted that this meat product has no MSG, gluten-free, no artificial food colour, pork meat from grain fed hogs, no bread crumbs, chunky meat and no aftertaste. Hot Rod’s Premium Sweet Longanisa are now available at the two Lucky Supermarket at Winnipeg Ave/McPhillips and at Jefferson; Jimmels Bakery at Bannatyne and Sheppard; Bakerite at Keewatin St., 456 Convenience Store at Mandalay, Dong Thai at Notre Dame, Sun Wah Supermarket, Noemi’s Food at McGregor, Aristocrat Restaurant,Tyndal. And more other stores are planing to carry the meat product.